DFW Birth Resource partners with wonderful local professionals to offer a wide variety of birth and postpartum care services covering you from the moment you find out you’re expecting all the way through your first year postpartum. All of these services are available a la carte or can be added to a doula package. We can’t wait to serve you!


Birth and Postpartum Care Services | DFW Birth Resource
Placentia Encapsulation | DFW Birth Resource

Placenta Encapsulation has become an increasingly popularly way of regulating hormones after birth. It’s been noted to increase milk supply and energy levels while also decreasing feelings related to the “baby blues.” Our specialists pick up your Placenta either from the hospital or your home and take great care to process it quickly so you can enjoy its benefits as soon as possible! We process using the RAW method but will steam upon request. Feel free to contact us with any questions you have!


($150 for Doula Clients)

DFW Birth Resource Partner, Dr. Brianne Katz knows how helpful chiropractic care can be during labor. Having her expertise on call for the big day will give you the peace of mind your pelvis is in the optimal position for birth!

$75 .00

Looking for drug free ways to minimize pain during labor? A TENS Unit might be just the thing you’re looking for! TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. It’s safe for both mom and baby and can be used at home or at the hospital. All of our Member Doulas are trained to use TENS units with their clients.


(30 Day Rental)


Birth and Postpartum Care Services | DFW Birth Resource
Birth and Postpartum Care Services - Belly Binding | DFW Birth Resource

All of our Member Doulas have been taught the ancient art of Bengkung Belly Binding. This ancient Malaysian technique helps the healing process after birth by allowing organs to return to their correct placement, binding the muscle tissue back together and providing back support for breastfeeding comfort. Typically scheduled for 2-4 day after a vaginal delivery or 6 weeks after c-section.

Sessions fees:

$200 Ornamental wrap, warming paste, instructions for further use

$150 Natural wrap, warming paste, instructions for further use

$50 Each Additional Binding Session